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Automatic Oil Delivery from Seymour, Connecticut

Customers enrolled in Automatic Delivery have less to worry about, and that’s a fact.  We use our years of experience, unique comprehension of your homes’ energy consumption and efficiency, internal software, and daily climate measurements to predict when you need your delivery.  Yes, it sounds complicated but that’s why most customers prefer to leave that to us.  Let Valley Heating Oil be your residential energy expert.  You’ll see, and feel the difference.   

If you live in New Haven County, chances are we’re passing your house every day along one of our Automatic Delivery routes.   We dispatch delivery vehicles daily from our Seymour location to service customers north, south, east, and west from our central location. 

Why Automatic Delivery?

Automatic oil delivery is the smart choice whenever possible.  Of course, it may not be for every house because some people like to order their fuel right before, or after it runs out. But, running out of fuel usually requires an additional service call above and beyond your oil delivery because your boiler or furnace needs to be primed.  By enrolling in automatic delivery, you’re treating your heating fuel like the utility it is.   We’re all busy and your fuel oil tank gauge in the basement probably isn’t on the top of your list of things to check everyday.

Our software system tracks your usage and predicts your delivery needs so you don’t have to worry about  running out of fuel.  Of course, if you do run out we take care of service calls to get you going; it’s just one more benefit you receive as a Valley Heating Oil customer.


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Automatic Oil Delivery Seymour Connecticut

Valley Discount is a really excellent company to do business with. Helpful, friendly, capable, and responsive, they are a pleasure. If you reach out to them, ask for Art. This is a family run business and they treat you to great customer service, both for oil deliveries and service.

Stephen S.